Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Showering Sarah

This Sunday, 4 other women and I had the privilege of hosting a shower for our dear friend, Sarah, who is expecting her first baby in less than 6 weeks! It was a sweet time filled with lots of yummy food, fun games, showering Sarah (and baby Eliza, of course) with gifts, and praying over this sweet new life. I have posted some pictures of the event for those of you love Sarah (there are many) but couldn't be there.

We had quite the gourmet spread between Bethan's chocolate covered strawberries and Lindsey's trifle. Of course, with a shower full of women, more than one of them being pregnant, the table looked quite a bit different 2 hours later :)

This is Bethan's diaper cake masterpiece. Yes, it is a "cake" made out of rolled up disposable newborn diapers...pretty impressive, huh? And, the best part about it is that Sarah gets to use all 52 of these diapers. Pretty and useful!

Kim made these yummy cupcakes. This one with Elizabeth Joy Ganger's initials is my favorite. I can't wait to put a sweet little face to this beautiful name!

Sarah got lots of fun gifts. Baby girl stuff is so incredibly cute - butterflies, flowers, and all things pink... what's not to love?

All the guests piling in for a group photo. Everyone was gracious with me as I fumbled around with the self-timing feature on our camera. I finally got it around take number 4.

We can't wait to meet you, little Eliza!

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