Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lots of Travels

Since I last posted (way too long ago) we have traveled quite a bit. We had the privilege of seeing our dear friend Scott Daniel get married to a beautiful girl, Maria, in Louisville. It was so sweet to be a part of this wedding. Scott was one of our first friends in Louisville and we have grown to love him so much over the 4 years we've known him. We have also spent much time in prayer for a wife for Scott and the Lord heard our prayers! We couldn't be happier for him. While in Louisville, Shep and I got to spend some time visiting with our friends Shelly and Atticus. Atticus is just 2 weeks older than Shep and was his first "friend." We have missed our weekly playdates with them!

The picture above is Shep (left) and Att (right) in August right before we moved to Pearland. And the one below is of them during our visit in November. These boys are growing up so quick!

From Louisville we headed straight to St. George Island, FL for Thanksgiving. This place is very dear to me since it's been a tradition since I was a kid for my extended family to go there every Thanksgiving for a week. We had a great time. Shepherd got lots of fun grandparent and Aunt Nikki time, and he also got to meet lots of extended family who love him. Dave's parents came up to the beach for a day, so Shep got to see them as well. It's pretty much not an option for us to be anywhere in Florida anymore without seeing both sets of our parents. It's funny how having a baby changes that :) Here are a few pics from the trip:

Shep and dad after a sunset walk on the beach.

Shep, his Nanna and me. Me and mom don't look anything alike, do we? :)

Shep and dad at an ice cream shop in Appalachicola. Dave's mom made sure to give Shep a few bites of ice cream and fulfill her role as Grandma.

Ainsworth family picture

We headed back to Florida for Shepherd's first Christmas and stayed in Keystone Heights with Dave's family. My parents came up on Christmas Day and stayed overnight, so Shepherd had a great time being constantly played with and loved on by both sets of grandparents. He also made out good with toys (of course) and only a few of them are loud, noise-making toys :)

Shepherd got to meet Jenny, a very dear friend of mine, while we were in Florida. Jenny and I met for lunch and I loved on her new puppy Riley while she loved on Shep. It was a sweet time. Jenny has been a faithful friend since freshman year of high school and the Lord used her friendship to bring me to himself. I am eternally grateful for that!

Jenny, Shep, me and Riley. Riley got far more attention from passers-by than Shep did. Funny for the most part, but the mom in me wanted to be like "Seriously people, I know the puppy is cute, but look how incredibly cute this baby is!" :)

Some more pictures of our Christmas fun...

Shep and his cousin Caleb in their matching Christmas PJs from Aunt Courtney. So cute.

Showing off his loot. And pretty excited about it.

Resting with Daideo (my dad, pronounced Dah-doh) after a tiring morning of opening gifts (i.e., playing with wrapping paper and bows).

We had a great time in Florida, but we are very glad to be back home to Pearland, where it is truly feeling like home! We are glad too to have no future overnight drives planned for quite some time!