Monday, August 31, 2009

Shepherd Laughing

This is a quick guest post by Dave, Maggie's husband. She asked that I post this video of Shep giggling. We had just fed him Rice Cereal for the first time, and I think he was a little tipsy.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Waiting is Over

Well, it's official. We are moving to Pearland, TX in 2 days. Dave and two other guys pull out with the moving truck on Monday morning, and Shepherd and I hop on a plane a few hours later. It's been a whirlwind of activity since I last posted. Dave does not yet have a job in Pearland, but many circumstances, the wise counsel of others, and the Lord's leading has encouraged us to go ahead and make the move. Some of these above-mentioned circumstances include the giant hole in the ceiling that fell in Shepherd's room, as well as the breaking of the air conditioner (both of which occurred within about 3 hours of each other). The combination of these events caused our apartment to be unlivable, at least until the air was fixed, but more importantly, they caused us to consider going ahead with the inevitable move to Pearland. We are grateful to the Lord for these events because through them, we believe He pushed us out of our apartment and out of Louisville sooner than we would have gone on our own. It was not the most fun way to be pushed along, but sometimes we need things like this to get our attention and move us in the direction the Lord wants us to go.

I'll try to post most regularly in the coming weeks as there will be lots happening and lots of new things to post about. Right now, we are heading out for one last Nord's Bakery and Sunergos Coffee trip in Louisville. I will miss this wonderful city!