Monday, October 13, 2008

Romans 13 and Politics

The sermon series we've been working through at Sojourn for the past couple weeks has been on politics. At first, I was a little wary of this series, entitled "Christ for President", knowing the divisive nature of politics, but I have been really impressed with how Daniel Montgomery (the preaching elder at Sojourn) has handled this subject.

It was also very fitting that we've worked through Romans chapters 1-12 over the past several months and landed on chapter 13 in the heat of the political season. Romans 13 speaks to the fact that God establishes governing authorities and that we are to submit to them. For this reason, we are to pay taxes and acknowledge the governing authorities as servants of God. This is a good reminder.

In yesterday's sermon, while exhorting the church to remember their untiy in Christ and seek to avoid dividing the family of God into political tribes, Daniel encouraged us to ask ourselves the following questions:

1) Do I criticize and condemn others in my political talk without looking at my own heart?

2) Do I demonize politicians, political parties and policies I oppose?

3) Am I quick to confront others in my political talk?

4) Is there rudeness, harshness, bitterness or a rush of hateful words in my political talk?

Even though I've never really been one to thrive on arguing politics with others, these questions are a helpful tool for me, as a Christian, to think about my own heart as it relates to politics. I look forward to seeing the fruit that will result from other believers at Sojourn taking the time to think through these questions and to desire unity in the church body above their desire to win an argument or cram a political agenda down another's throat.

If you would like to listen to these two sermons in the "Christ for President" series, follow this link to the Sojourn webpage.

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