Thursday, October 30, 2008

No more Nosebleeds in Heaven

As someone who is prone to getting nosebleeds, especially in the dry winter season, you can imagine my dismay upon learning that nosebleeds are more common during pregnancy (something about increased blood supply putting pressure on delicate blood vessels...). Add to this the fact that my pregnancy will largely be during the coldest, driest time of year and you basically have a recipe for disaster.

Sounds a little dramatic, I know - and I would've thought the same thing, until this week. The "disaster" referenced above struck at 7:00am on Tuesday morning, in quite possibly the worst place it could've - the pool. I jumped out as quickly as possible and raced into the locker room, where I stood pinching the bridge of my nose for the next half hour, dripping with pool water and blood (gross, I know) until the faucet that was my nose decided to stop gushing blood.

Needless to say, it was a pretty eventful morning.

I had plenty of time to think while I tried to get my nose under control, and while most of my thoughts went something like this, "I hate this. Why won't my stupid nose stop bleeding? I hope no one walks in here right now," I did have one thought that brought comfort to me:

There will be no more nosebleeds in Heaven. Praise God!

A small reason to hope for heaven - I know. But standing in a dripping wet bathing suit pinching my nose, this was a pretty exciting realization.


Alice said...

Funny post, Maggie. Not a funny event at the time, though. My mom had similar problems last winter (not the pregnancy part, she's 84 year old - lol), and the doctor told her to use saline nasal spray twice a day. It had something to do with the heaters drying out her sinuses so badly, causing awful nosebleeds. They stopped completely after 2 days on the spray. Just a tidbit I thought I'd throw in :). Stay warm!

Maggie Ainsworth said...

Thanks for the tip, Alice! I'll have to try the saline spray.