Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A Word on Christian Education

I came across this quote while reading Wisdom & Eloquence: A Christian Paradigm for Classical Learning:

"Christian education, properly considered, always includes the goal that students will use their schooling to impact the world around them. Not only do we expect [graduates of Christian schools] to exercise discernment over their own lives and lifestyles, but we also expect them to be able to persuasively articulate a better way of life to those around them."

"We have to be careful, as we educate our students to live "Christianly" in this world, to do more than just teach them how to be a good example to others, should anyone care to look over their suburban privacy fences. Teaching them to think, to discern, and to behave wisely should be coupled with instilling in them a sense of obligation to contend for those same values throughout society. If we believe that Christian living is the fulfillment in this life of what God intends for human beings -- if being a Christian is, in fact, "good for us" -- then we can legitametly conclude that living in a Christ-influenced society can be good for anyone, even those who do not profess the faith personally. A gracious, articulate citizen who has learned to consider and to communicate within the whole range of human concerns will find it much easier to influence those living in the modern world than will those who have missed this set of skills in their education."

I found this to be a thought-provoking and helpful illustration of the benefit of thorough Christian education both for the individual child as well as for society. Although somewhat premature (seeing as how we have no children yet), this inspires me to strive to teach my children in such a way that they first embrace Christ themselves, and then are equipped to persuade others of the truth and beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

What a high calling! And what grace must be given by God to fulfill this high calling.

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