Sunday, June 22, 2008

34 Years and Counting...

Thirty-four years ago today my parents were married in a small lakeside ceremony. They were 23 years old and smitten with each other, and I can happily say that they are still very much in love today at the age of 56.

I am so thankful to the Lord for gifting me with parents who love each other. Throughout my childhood, it was a regular occurrence for my sister and me to turn to one another and exclaim, "gross!" after witnessing mom and dad affectionately cuddle or kiss each another. However grossed out I might have been, I knew that mom and dad loved each other and my life was safe and secure as a result.

Now that I am a married woman, I can more fully appreciate the influence my parents' relationship had on me. It is so natural for me to express affection for my husband because I witnessed my mom's affection for my dad. I naturally desire to serve my husband through cooking him meals, washing his clothes, and keeping track of the details of our lives' because I watched my mom tirelessly do these same things for my dad.

I thank the Lord for my parents and their 34 years of marriage, and I pray for many more years to witness them grow in love for one another. I pray that Dave and I would continue to learn from them and model the same warmth and affection in the way we love one another.

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Anonymous said...

Oh how much of a joy it is to see couples married so long! Praise God for grace in your parent's lives.