Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy Anniversary to Us!

On June 25, 2005, exactly 3 years ago, I married the most wonderful man. At the time, I couldn't have imagined it was possible to love him more - but it is - and I do.

Before we got married, many people warned us that the first year was the hardest. By God's grace, it wasn't hard for us. It was much more natural than dating, and the Lord was kind to enable us to be gracious with one another as we learned to be married. At the close of our first year of marriage I began bracing myself for the second year. My rationale was that since we somehow escaped the difficulty of that "dreaded first year" we were probably due for a tough second year of marriage. Again, my expectations were not met. Our second year of marriage was just as good as the first, and in many ways better, as we grew in understanding each other and in maturity.

As I now look back on our third year of marriage, I am beginning to see a trend. Every year of marriage is better than the previous! How very kind of our Heavenly Father to design marriage to not only make us more like Christ but also to give us much joy and pleasure in this life!

Happy Anniversary, my sweet Dave! You are my highest earthly treasure, and I look forward with eager anticipation to what the Lord has planned for us.


Chad said...

Hey guys! Happy Anniversary!

the lewisi female said...

Congratulations!!!!! This is something to celebrate for sure!!
We couldn't agree more with what you said... every one told us to brace for the first year and we felt like we were on a honeymoon a lot of the time... so we braced for the second, which people said would be even worse if your first was good and I've never loved Drew more than this second year!!
We love you guys and appreciate what a great example you set!
Can we have lunch soon or hit up Monkey Wrench (sp?) soon... I don't know if we can keep waiting for Tuesdays to hang out with you guys together!!

Anonymous said...

So sweet! Congrats to you both. Considering we got married later in age, we'll just be celebrating our 2nd anniversary in September. But like you said, our first year was amazing and continues to get better. I told James "if the first year is the hardest, then we'll have an awesome marriage!" Exciting stuff!