Friday, March 19, 2010

Pearland Has a Farmer's Market

It's true. Last Saturday was the first day of the Pearland Farmer's Market. We are really excited about this and went to check it out for ourselves. It's certainly no Bardstown Rd. Farmer's Market (complete with fresh omelets), but it has potential. It's still fairly small, but there was a great turnout of folks from the community and it seems like it will certainly grow.

Here's a picture of Shep and I on the way to the Farmer's Market:

He wore his new overalls from his Nanna in honor of the farmer's market :)

In other news, Shepherd is officially pulling up on things and has even stood solo for a few seconds by himself - without holding onto anything. That's big stuff around here. He also waves "bye-bye" and even says "bye-bye" although it sounds more like "diiieeee-diiieeee." And he doesn't just say it once. If we are leaving somewhere, it's not uncommon for him to still be waving and saying "diiieeee-diiieeee" while strapped in his carseat and driving away. We're working on that, but I guess I can't be too picky. At least he's trying :)

We also had one of our first "major" injuries just yesterday. Shepherd was crawling around playing with my keys (I know....shame on me) and basically did a face-plant on the keys, busting his upper lip. It looked worse than it was, but it was slightly traumatizing to see blood on my little man's face. He recovered by sucking on some frozen strawberries - much to his delight and my relief (since he wouldn't let me put ice on his lip). The end result was some minor swelling and a little crack in his lip. He's a pretty tough kid though and basically forgot all about it within a few minutes. That might be the end of playing with mom's keys though...but who am I kidding, those keys are a life-saver in the grocery store.


S. Jackson said...

So sad about the fall! We've been lucky so far and haven't had a "bloody" boo boo, but I know it's coming. So cool that he says bye bye! He needs to teach that one to At!

the lewisi female said...

So, I really miss you! You guys are too cute!

WhitneyandScott said...

He's getting so big - and has so much hair! He definitely looks way older than Javen. . . and it sounds like you may have a little walker by the first birthday (which is crazy soon!). Hard to believe how fast the time goes - 17 more of these and they'll be grown and off to college. Slow down, time!