Tuesday, September 8, 2009


We've been here in Pearland now for 2 weeks, so I guess it's about time I updated the blog. I am just now starting to feel like we actually live here and are not just on vacation. Nothing much has changed since we first arrived. We're still living with our friends Tim and Sarah and Dave is still job hunting. He's had a few good leads on jobs, the most exciting of which is for a librarian position in the local Pearland Library. We are prayerful that this is the job the Lord has for him (since it is pretty much his dream job to be surrounded by books and book lovers), but while we wait to hear back about this job he is continuing to apply to others.

We have loved getting to meet and spend time with the "core group" of people involved in Covenant Community Church. These are the people we have heard about and prayed for over the last couple months, so it has been very sweet to be able to put faces with familiar names. We spent this past weekend on an "Elder's Family Retreat" with the Davis' and Gangers in Campwood, TX. It was such a treat to spend a restful weekend with these friends that we love so much. Shepherd even had his first experience swimming (i.e., splashing his feet) in a river.

Shep also started eating rice cereal since we've been here (as you can see from the post below). He's taken to it quite well, except for the past couple of days since he's had a cold and can't breathe through his nose. Poor guy. A 5 month-old with a cold is about the most pitiful thing in the world.

That's about it for us. I'll try to be more regular about updating but, as you know, my track record is not very promising. We would love your prayers for Dave's job search, and specifically for this librarian position!

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Chad & Amber said...

Dave and Maggie,

We are praying! Excited to know you are all doing well. Keep us posted.

Amber and Chad