Monday, August 31, 2009

Shepherd Laughing

This is a quick guest post by Dave, Maggie's husband. She asked that I post this video of Shep giggling. We had just fed him Rice Cereal for the first time, and I think he was a little tipsy.


Anonymous said...

Maggie and Dave,
This post gave me the BIGGEST smile across my face. I love love love it! So adorable. Makes me miss you three even more! Please keep posting videos and updates with everything. I love you guys!

the jacksons said...

this is so great!! he has such a cute giggle! wish we could have heard it in person, but at least we have video ;). atticus and i miss our weekly play dates too :(.

Anonymous said...

oh man...I love this. so hilarious.

the best part is that his reaction is as though he doesn't know what's coming next, even though Dave keeps doing the same thing.

So fun!

WhitneyW said...

Cutest thing ever! I watched it three times and laughed out loud every one of them:)