Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Strorm 2009

A sad Dave in front of our powerless house.

We've encountered more severe weather in our 3.5 years in Louisville than in the 20+ years we lived in the hurricane-prone state of Florida. I'll take rain and wind (and 80 degree temperatures) any day over what we've endured here in Kentucky.

Here's a brief recap of all the severe weather:

- September 2006: A torrential downpour flooded and totaled one of our cars.

- July 2008: We awoke to a jolting aftershock from an earthquake originating in Illinois. Nothing major, but seriously, an EARTHQUAKE!

- September 2008: Hurricane Ike sent powerful winds through Louisville, knocking out hundreds of trees and our electricity for 6 days.

- January 2009: A strong winter storm, complete with ice and inches of snow knocks out our power for 1 day...and counting...

Here are some more pictures of the latest disaster:

The fence around our neighboring park.

It's hard to see in this picture, but the I am measuring the distance from the top of the layer of ice to the tip of an icicle.

This is the view down our street. Pretty wild.


Alice said...

What a mess! It looks like all the electric lines are down. No wonder you don't have power. Stay warm! Bundle up and go find a hotel somewhere...that's my answer to every disaster :O).

the lewisi female said...

Maggie! We need an updated post with new prego pictures!!!