Thursday, July 10, 2008

Chipmunks, Bunnies & Squirrels, Oh My!

Here's a light-hearted post for your reading enjoyment:

It never fails that I see at least one bunny and a few chipmunks each day outside my window at work. And whenever I do see them, I am compelled to exclaim, like a little child, the name of the animal. Just this morning I walked right past a chipmunk on my way to the office and before I know it, I hear myself exclaim "chipmunk!" a little louder than is socially acceptable. This can prove somewhat awkward when others are around. Yet this does not seem to deter me, and I will continue, day after day, to joyfully exclaim the names of all my little creature friends at work.

I included a picture of a chipmunk for your viewing pleasure. I have decided that chipmunks are amazingly cute animals and surprisingly un-gross for being so rodent-like. Basically, I am delighted with them and would be very open to having one as a pet. I would make him a little sweater and teach him to sing and he would travel the world getting into all sorts of skirmishes... oh wait, that's already been done... in the form of a cartoon - an excellent cartoon, I might add.

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